Most pundits lack substance. Most economists lack communications skills. Nancy’s background in economics combined with her communications expertise make her a rare media-ready mix. Producers and pundits frequently cite Nancy’s unique ability to break down complex policy issues in a way mainstream viewers can understand.

Plus, what good is a communications shop that can’t put their money where their mouth is? Over the years, we’ve picked up a thing or two from the media campaigns we lead for clients. Now, MediaSpeak has become a brand unto itself.

We do media hits to influence the debate and lead the way for scholars, political analysts and business owners who seek to reach the public with their ideas. In particular, Nancy specializes in policy topics related to government spending, healthcare, taxation, energy, the environment and the overall size and scope of government. She’s also frequently asked to offer commentary about communications tactics of politicians and Beltway influencers.

We’ll also go on air for you.

Nancy frequently plays the role of spokesperson for clients — many of whom are business and political leaders with little time to engage in day-to-day media battle. When a firestorm falls on you, you must be positioned to respond to attacks and take the offensive. And when an opportunity hits, we’re there to leverage resources and fully capitalize on it.

Our team has a seasoned reputation for stepping in the ring and going on record in highly combative situations. As former client Sen. John McCain says of Nancy, she’s “tough as nails and somehow manage to be likeable.”

In today’s highly polarized and 24-7 media environment, one thing is certain: if you don’t craft your narrative, it will be crafted for you.

Nancy’s also available for speaking engagements. As one of the most influential female figures in Washington, DC, she frequently speaks at conferences, ceremonies and other special events.