Clients often ask us to change public opinion in a quick and focused way. For that to happen, your strategy has to be multi-faceted and integrated with other capabilities. That might sound like jargon but it’s true — there’s no free lunch! For issue advocacy campaigns, that looks something like this: policy and research –> messaging and communications –> grassroots advocacy –> media influence –> public opinion shift.

Change can only occur when you’re firing on all cylinders. Developing such a comprehensive strategy and managing all of the parts is something few can (or want) to do, particularly in a high-stress situation. But that’s where MediaSpeak thrives.

Sometimes we help sell an idea, message or person. Other times it’s cleaning up a mess or leveraging an opportunity. We’ll work with you from threat assessment to identifying points of influence to developing a message that works with your audience. Of course, we only take on clients with positions we support. Our mission is a principled one.

While we typically are hired to take a project from concept to outcome, we offer a la carte services for our clients as well. We can create the initial strategy and hand-off the execution if you think you have the capabilities and bandwidth to manage the campaign yourself. We also offer consultation services as you develop your strategy and plan your initiative. And, on the most foundational level, we conduct training workshops so you and your organization’s leaders can formulate results-driven strategies too.

At all levels of involvement, we’re constantly taking what we learn in the field and applying those lessons and technologies to all of our clients’ campaigns.