Communication Strategy

We’re typically brought in to resolve a crisis in a short period of time.

Clients often ask us to change public opinion in a quick and focused way. For that to happen, your strategy has to be multi-faceted and integrated with other capabilities. That might sound like jargon but it’s true — there’s no free lunch! For issue advocacy campaigns, that looks something like this: policy and research –> messaging and communications –> grassroots advocacy –> media influence –> public opinion shift.

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Media and Spokesperson Appearances

Economics and media-savvy don’t tend to go together.

Most pundits lack substance. Most economists lack communications skills. Nancy’s background in economics combined with her communications expertise make her a rare media-ready mix. TV producers frequently cite Nancy’s unique ability to break down complex policy issues in a way mainstream viewers can understand. Plus, what good is a communications shop that can’t put their money where their mouth is?

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